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Introducing the ARTIQ, a 510 oil-compatible vaporizer that brings the power of DaVinci's technology to your fingertips. Designed with practicality in mind, it offers a seamless experience without any gimmicks. 

Experience vapor that is 90% cooler, thanks to the ARTIQ's extended airpath. It effectively cools down hot vapor to room temperature levels, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable session every time. 

Keeping privacy and discretion a priority, the iconic DaVinci IQ shape is integrated into the ARTIQ's design. The cartridge remains concealed within the shell, safeguarding the oil content from degradation and allowing for a discreet vaping experience. 

DaVinci ARTIQ features 

  • Compatible with Standard 510 Cartridges 
  • Elongated Airpath Reduces Vapor Heat by 90% 
  • Fully Concealed Chamber 
  • 10 Second Preheat 
  • Haptic Draw Feedback 
  • Pass-Through Charging 
  • 3 Heat Modes 
  • USB Type-C Charging Cable 

What's in the box: 

  • 1x DaVinci ARTIQ 
  • 1x Mouthpiece 
  • 1x 3-Ft Type-C Charging Cable 
  • 3x Alcohol Cleaning Wipes 
  • 3x Pipe Cleaners 
  • 1x Upper Silicone Gasket 
  • 1x Lower Silicone Gasket 
  • 1x DaVinci Stickers 
  • 2x Owner’s Manual 
  • 1x Customer Support & Registration Card