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DaVinci Stainless Steel Pods Pack of 6


Incorporating the stainless steel dosing capsules into your vaping routine offers numerous benefits such as easy loading on the go, dosage metering, keeping the oven cleaner, and conserving herb. These capsules are constructed from 304 stainless steel and can hold up to .3g of flower, concentrate, or a combination of both. Thanks to its threaded design, loading on the go becomes a breeze, and the thermal properties of steel allow the stainless steel dosing capsule to heat up 16% faster than the ceramic variant.

For those who seek an efficient way to fill their capsules, DaVinci's Dosing Capsule Herb Grinder is the perfect companion as it can fill all six capsules during the grinding process.

This pack includes six (6) stainless steel dosing capsules.

Compatible with DaVinci IQC and DaVinci IQ2.